Calamart Designs is a Catalan studio and an independent clothing brand.

Calamart Designs was born in 2011, among 3 graphic design student friends. It starts in the garage of them house, with screen printing plates, manual printing, hair dryers of our sisters to dry the ink ... And everything remains the same. Not all, the members have varied, like a vulgar Punk rock band. The only one that remains unchanged is the "" and the passion for the illusion, the design, the new challenges. Perhaps without meaning, against everything, here you will not find motivational phrases, great remittances or drawings of eternal love. We say the truth in every stroke, we are honest in every design. We are the redoubt, we do not want to do what they want to see, we do not want the easy way. If this means dying in the attempt, we will die.

· 90% of our products are made in the Iberian Peninsula. We want product of proximity, with working conditions that are dignified and respectful for people and the environment.

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